Cathie and Tim’s SC Excellent Adventure Part 2

Cathie and Tim’s SC Excellent Adventure Part 2

DHHD082017003Cathie and Tim’s Excellent SC Adventure Part 2 starts with us getting breakfast at Eggs Up Grill in Myrtle Beach before heading to Charleston for the day.  On the way to Charleston, we stopped by the old haunted mansion to take some photos since Tim hadn’t been there before.  (it is directly across highway 17 from the road you turn on to go to Hampton Plantation).  Someone else was there and told us that the land had been sold. Hopefully they won’t tear down the old house, many photographers shoot that house.  

Our next two stops were stops so I could get stamps in my National Parks Passport, Charles Pinckney National Historic Site and Fort Moultrie (which is part of Fort Sumter National Monument).  At Fort Moultrie a park ranger told me that Charles Pinckney wasn’t a true national park which I pointed out that it had its own place in the passport unlike Fort Moultrie.  His response "I never said this was a true site and I normally work at Fort Sumter."

MILH082017001Our first photography stop was Drayton Hall. Before our tour of the house, we walked the grounds and took photos of the house.  Tim continued his fascination with oak trees and took some photos of the beautiful oak trees on the grounds. I normally just incorporate them into my shots like the photo above where the house is framed with the branch from the tree.

After stopping for lunch, we headed to Edisto Beach State Park so I could get a stamp in my SC State Parks book (6 down, 39 to go). I am not keeping track of the National Parks because there are 417, I doubt I will be able to get them all but I will certainly try. 

We then headed to Folly Beach to take photos of the Morris Island Light House.  The waves were huge and it was very windy, found out once we left it was because there was a storm in the Atlantic making its way to our coast.  

We stopped at Smoky Oak Taproom for dinner and then headed back home. Unfortunately it was on this trip that I somehow managed to shatter the LCD screen on the D300s which is going to cost $250 to fix. 


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