Cathie and Tim’s Excellent SC Adventure Part 3

 Cathie and Tim’s Excellent SC Adventure Part 3 is Tim’s last full day in Myrtle Beach.  

IMG_0567 2The first thing we did was head to Flapjack’s Pancake House for breakfast since we didn’t get to go to one while we were in the Smokies.  

Our next stop was Surfside Beach Pier so Tim could see the damage done to the pier from Hurricane Matthew last October.  The pier is now 50 ft shorter.  Surfside Beach Town Council voted this week to replace the pier with a concrete one.  Probably a good idea.  We both took photos.  Not surprising Tim took many more than I did and I apparently didn’t take any of the pier, just the machinery in the water so they could refurbish the sand on the beach..

Since we tied on Friday night, we decided on a rematch for mini golf.  I had a coupon for a free round at Treasure Island Golf so we headed there.  This is the first of many rounds and courses we will play.  Sunday really was Mini Golf Day.  We ended up playing two rounds (and might have played extra holes because the people in front of us were slow).  I beat Tim the first round 49-45 and apparently we didn’t keep score on the second round.

IMG_0578We headed to Sea Captain’s House for lunch.  We both had she crab soup and the appetizer crab cakes.  They have the best she crab soup.

It is hard to remember what order we played the different courses. I believe the next course was Jurassic Golf.  We then headed toward Springmaid Pier but ended up going to Shipwreck Island and playing both courses. Tim won both rounds 53-43 and 50-44. We both had a hole in one on the first course and I had hole in one on the first hole on the second course.

Our next stop was Springmaid pier which was almost totally destroyed by Hurricane Matthew.  I haven’t heard when the resort plans to rebuild it. 

I took him back to his hotel and I went back to my apartment so we could get ready for dinner at Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse.  It was a little more than I planned to spend and that was after 2 $25 gift certificates but the food was fantastic. 

After dinner we headed to yet another mini golf course, Spyglass Adventure Golf which was suggested to us by the guy at Treasure Island Golf because they are both owned by the same person.  I won this round 50-44 and had a hole in one.

And then on the way home, we stopped by Captain’s Hook’s Adventure Golf and played yet another round which I won 47-45.  I wasn’t kidding when I said we played many rounds.  Tim has all the scorecards and texted me the final scores so I thought I would include them in my blog post. 

It was fun having a day to play tourists.  The only problem was that I wore my flip flops almost the entire day so my feet were sore. It was a great day.

The two photos were taken with my iPhone.  The one on the left is Surfside and the one on the right is Springmaid.

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