Cathie and Tim’s Excellent SC Adventures Part 1

Cathie and Tim’s Excellent SC Adventures Part 1.

SSB082017003On Friday morning I headed to Raleigh to pick Tim up at Raleigh Durham International Airport. After picking him up, we headed to Firebirds at Streets of Southpoint Mall to have lunch with my friend Beth Linthicum who I used to work with when I worked at WellPath. It was great seeing Beth.

We then headed to Myrtle Beach to start our next adventure. After Tim checked in at his hotel, we headed to my apartment so he could meet the newest member of my family, the little monster, I mean kitten Brady. Unlike my other cat, Tux, Brady isn’t afraid of people so Tim actually got to see one of my cats. Tux was hiding under the bed.

Our next stop was the Socastee Swing bridge to shoot sunset with Dan and Carolyn Thompkins.   While we were shooting a boat came through so the bridge was opened.  The bells are quite loud when they are preparing to lower the gates.  Right before it opened back up to traffic, a firetruck appeared with the lights and sirens blaring.  It was great finally meeting Dan and Carolyn.

We headed to Chick Fil A for a quick dinner before our last adventure for the night which was playing miniature golf. Myrtle Beach has MANY miniature golf courses.  Tim had told me when were planning the trip that he wanted to play miniature golf while he was here.  I enjoy playing but I was a little skeptical as we are both quite competitive and I was thinking it could get interesting.  

The hardest thing about playing is which course to pick. I had heard very good things about Mt. Atlanticus Minotaur Golf so we headed there.  They have an awesome locals discount (all the miniature golf courses have locals discounts).  Tim and I grabbed golf clubs and picked which color ball we wanted to use.  I chose purple and Tim chose orange so we were either FEDEX colors or Clemson.  I got a hole in one of the first hole and Tim’s reaction was priceless, I wish I had caught it on video. He was convinced that I spent the weeks leading up to his visit practicing on the course.  I didn’t, that was actually the first time I ever played that course.   He was pouting until we got to the third hole where he got a hole in one.  It was quite funny. Tim and I were tied at the end of the round.

I dropped him off at his hotel and then headed home. I edited a couple of photos and posted one before heading to bed.  It was a great start to our weekend together. 


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