Beach Portraits

beach portrait tipsSpring is FINALLY here.  Do you know what that means?  It means that it is a great time to start thinking about the beach portraits you will want to have taken on your vacation.

So you are coming to the Myrtle Beach and are strongly thinking about having some portraits taken.  

If so, the following are a few most important questions to consider.

What are the best times of day for outside photos?
Believe it or not the best times to shoot beach portraits are either sunrise (yes I mean the actual sunrise) or around sunset which means about 45min to an hour before the sun sets because the sunlight will be filtered and a lot less harsh.    

Can beach portraits be taken when it’s cloudy?
Believe it or not, cloudy days aren’t necessarily a bad thing because the sunlight is filtered and less harsh.  What that means is the portraits can be taken any time of day.  Stormy clouds can make for a great back drop.

Is what we wear important part of a session?  
I know it is hard to believe but clothing is a very important part of the shoot.  

Beach Portraits

What should you wear?
The classic look is khakis with white shirts or white dresses for girls and ladies.  Jeans look great as well as you can tell by the photo.  Black or dark blue shirts look great as well.  Some alternatives for shirts are light colors/pastels:  light blue, light green, pale pink.  If you have multiple families, a great idea could be everyone wear jeans but each family wears a different color top.  Solid neutral colors: no wild prints, stripes or plaids. Recommend capris or long pants or long skirts or dresses for the ladies.  Kids look great in shorts but many adults don’t like the way their legs look in photos.  

What about hair, makeup and nail polish?
Try not to have a haircut within 2 weeks of your portraits.  The beach can get very windy so I would recommend hairspray and/or hair clips.  Light make up is recommended as is neutral nail polish. 

BE CAREFUL OF SUNBURN, not good for portraits.

Check out the Family Beach Portraits to see more of my family beach portraits.


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