Malak Family Beach Portraits

 Malak Family Beach Portraits

The Malak Family was my first beach portraits of 2014.  We had a great time. We should have met a little earlier due to the cloud cover, hindsight is a wonderful thing.  

Angie called me about a month ago after seeing some of my work on my Google Plus page.  After suggesting a few different places, we decided that Huntington Beach State Park was the perfect place to have them done.  

Fast forward to Tuesday for the session. For most of the day the weather was absolutely beautiful, very few clouds and a lot of blue sky.  Of course at the time I was scheduled to meet them, we had a storm front move in so there was think cloud cover. Luckily the rain held so that helped.  Of all the times I have been to Huntington, this was the first time they had a red flag up which meant no swimming due to strong riptide currents. Because I was running early I had time to stop for dinner at Chick Fil A on my way to the park. 

Since there were 17 people they were coming in 3 separate cars.  One of them had car trouble so 2 of the cars were delayed getting there.  I started with Angie’s brother and his girlfriend and Angie’s parents.  I wanted to make sure the rest of the family could find us so I decided to start the photos at Atalaya Castle. Once everyone arrived, I took a few more photos at the castle and then we moved to the beach.

By the time we were finished it was dark out but I was still able to get some great photos.  

I edited the photos the following day and texted Angie stated that the CD was ready. On the way home from dropping off the CD, Angie called me to tell me that some of the photos were missing.  Of the 53 photos, they only got 26.  Some of the middle ones didn’t not copy onto the disk. it was weird they had the first ones taken, the last ones taken even the photo above that I put together but most of the middle ones were missing.  I burned another disk, double checked to make sure they were all there and then dropped it off.

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