Fall in the Smokies Part 5

 Fall in the Smokies Part 5 is the second part of my last full day in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

MPT102017001Early afternoon I headed to Tremont Road to try to make the 8.3 mile round trip hike to Indian Flat Falls. To get to the Falls, you hike the Middle Prong Trail which some considering the best hike in the Smokies.  It passes three major waterfalls (Lower Lynn Camp Falls, Lynn Camp Falls and Indian Flat Falls).

From the parking lot, you cross a metal footbridge over Lynn Camp Prong to the what appears to be an old gravel road but was a railroad bed.  The hike itself would not be bad if not for the fact that two days earlier I had already done 21k and equivalent of 112 floors plus the Grotto Falls hike that morning so my body was still a little sore. Not to mention carrying 2 cameras, 3 lenses and a tripod.

Just before the sharp bend in the trail I came to a bench that looked over Lower Lynn Camp Falls which is a 35 foot multi tiered waterfall.  Unfortunately as this was mid day, the sunlight was quite harsh on the top half of the falls.  I took several photos and then continued on my way.  

OC102017001The next waterfall I came too was the Lynn Camp Falls which is another multi tiered waterfalls.  

As I was hiking along the path, a nice gentlemen let me know that I was only about 100 yards from where an old Cadillac was left.  I found the small path and took several photos at different angles.  

By this time I was fighting both exhaustion/soreness and sunset.  I did not want to be on this path after the sun went down as it has a lot of rocks along it and I have enough trouble when I can see them.  I made it about 3.1 of the 4.3 miles before I decided to turn around. I took some photos of the cascades river before heading back.  I was so tired when I got to Lower Lynn Camp Falls that I didn’t even bother to take my camera out of my bag.  

It was too late to head to Newfound gap for sunset when I got back to my car so I headed back to the hotel.  I picked up Zaxby’s and took back to my hotel. 

I was originally planning on stopping at Mouse Creek Falls on my way home on Friday but as I had 27,208 steps, 13.5 miles and 34 floors, I decided to just head straight home.  The only problem with that was that home is due East so part of the drive, I was heading directly toward the sun.

My three day totals were 57,816 steps, 25.2 miles and 165 flights.  I got quite the workout.


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