Fall in the Smokies Part 3

 Fall in the Smokies Part 3 continues on Wednesday.  It follows Fall in the Smokies Part 1 and Fall in the Smokies Part 2

OMHD102017002The best part of this day will be the next blog post, this post is just an overview of the day.  The original plan was to meet up with my Facebook friend April Bryant in Cades Cove but a miscommunication prevented that.  Since we were scheduled to meet until 10am, I headed into the park early to get some photos of the John Cable Grist Mill hoping that it would be surrounded by fall colors. It was not, Cades Cove was still very green but I still took some photos.  

I then got delayed heading out of Cades Cove to head to the Old Mill in Pigeon Forge to meet April.  It turns out when she suggested meeting at the Old Mill, she meant the Cable Mill in Cades Cove and not the actual Old Mill.  I did take some photos of the Mill before heading back into the park.

My second time through Cades Cove was so I could turn up Rich Mountain Road to photograph the Cove from side of the mountain. You can see one of the Cove’s white churches from the pull off. I had hoped to get the Cove with rich fall colors but alas Mother Nature had to be her sadistic self and most of the valley was quite green.  The road is one way and drops you back out in Townsend.  Since traffic getting into Cades Cove had been so bad and the road was much longer than I expected, it was too late for me to head to Newfound Gap to take some sunset photos. 

I stopped at Fuddruckers for dinner and then headed back to the hotel to do a little bit of editing before heading to bed.  

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