Chicago Day Three

Chicago Day Three continues my Springfield/Chicago trip with Tim Karas.  The earlier posts about the trip are Springfield Part OneSpringfield Part TwoChicago Day OneChicago Day Two and part one of Chicago Day Three – Brookfield Zoo.  

CHICHD072016005After having a great time at the zoo, I will definitely have to go back there, Tim and I headed back downtown for a 1920s architectural tour of the city with Tim’s friend Wendy of Wendy City. The tour wasn’t until late afternoon so we headed to my favorite fast food restaurant Chick Fil A for lunch.  We ended up staying there for a few hours due to the first rain storm to hit during my trip.  Tim was not happy because the milkshake maker was not working. He thought nothing was more important and that they should have stopped everything and get it fixed, in his words "it was an affront to civilization."  Apparently he takes milkshakes very seriously, who knew! 

The tour started at the Hampton Inn which was the old Chicago Motor Club headquarters.  Inside the lobby is a large map of the United States with the some of the national parks on it.  The architecture in the buildings we went into was cool.  I really liked the intricate design on one of the elevators.  Wendy was quite knowledgeable about the city and the time period.  She even had a slide show on her iPad.  I would definitely recommend it.  Unfortunately we had to cut the tour short due to Mother Nature deciding it was a good time for a downpour.  We went back to the Hampton and had drinks and appetizers.

BF072016001The last thing we did was head to Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park to capture some long exposure shots.   Let me just say HUGE doesn’t begin to describe the size of it.  The fountain has a major display every hour where the center jet shoots up water to 150 feet. Its especially cool at night, not only do you get display but you also get music and light show to go along with it.  

After the light show on the fountain which ends at 11pm, we turned to get long exposure shots of the city. Clouds moved in while we were there so we got some cool cloud shots.

All in all, another great day with a lot of walking and great photo opportunities.


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